Warning: your audience might be drowning in stories!

Story that proves a point

I don’t usually open up about my health, family and private life in this blog or my social media.

When storytelling falls short

In business, storytelling is a tool to impact buying decisions, nurture loyal customer relationships and create communities around brands.

Balancing stories with facts

If communication is drowned in stories and emotion, it might attract a reader’s attention but it won’t likely be enough to close the deal.

Three things to know about storytelling in business

What can we take away from this discussion to communicate better as a business and as teams?

  1. Your company’s communication needs stories. They are a powerful way to attract your audience’s attention and to connect with them emotionally: to let them know your business is the right choice for them.
  2. As important as stories are, they need to be balanced out with facts. Sometimes both elements are needed in the same piece of content; sometimes it’s enough to maintain the balance over the long term.
  3. A good way to ensure a healthy balance of facts and stories in your company’s communication is to conduct a storytelling audit every 3–6 months. Regular auditing guarantees that storytelling stays a relevant part of your content strategy in a way that resonates with your audience and consistently helps your business grow.



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Pauliina Rasi

Pauliina Rasi

Communications Consultant for small but mighty businesses. Skyrocket your business through communication!